Reading Program

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Reading is an important element in multiplying your child's intelligence and creativity. The earlier a child reads, the more he is likely to read and the better he reads. Children can read words when they are one year old, sentences when they are two, and whole books when they are three years old – and they love it.

The trouble is words were printed too small. With this program, the words were made big and easy to read by the young children.

This program start by showing your child some simple words. Do it consistently everyday. Some words will be retired and new words will be added automatically.

The program is designed with single words first, followed by couplets, phrases, sentences and books.

For Reading Flashcards, we have "words only" flashcards and "words and pictures" flashcards. With our automated tracking system, you just need to enjoy the reading session with your child without worrying all the hassle of keeping track of your cards.

Bring Out the Genius in Your Child

Child's attention span is very short. Our programs are designed to capture kid's attention quickly so they can learn effectively. Subscribe now

Every child deserves a good start and to be all they can be. Let's our easy to use programs support you in providing the best learning opportunity for your child from 1 to 6 years old.

Start a good learning system from young. They love learning and continue excel when growing older. No more frustrated and disappointed looks from both parent and child. No more late-night battles over homework. And no more running around getting your child to expensive tutors and learning centre.

With this preschool curriculum, children learn on his own pace and they relate learning to love, fun and easy. Children are born Genius, they can read in any languages. They can learn to do maths too. Give them a chance to explore.

Testimonial #1: Setting a Good Start

"I found accidentally while searching for children’s information. With the systematic lessons, my children were able to learn easily by listening to my own voice while seeing the flashcards. They did it below 4 years old for about a year and they are now 6&7. The lessons have set a good start for our children. They relate learning to love and warm just like sitting in front of my chest for the lessons. They are fast, independent and happy learners. What have I missed if not given a try?" Sign up your children to see the different.

FAQ #1: Is it true that every child can be a genius?

Every child born has the possibility to develop to his full potential and beyond. To unlock the potential, stimulation is the key. With early learning stimulation, children are naturally to enjoy, to develop and to expand their knowledge and ability. The early stimulation to the different areas of the brain provides an overall learning advancement which will continue to excel reflexively and unconsciously through life.

Math Program

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Doing math is one of the most important functions of life, since daily it is vital to civilized human living. From childhood to old age we are concerned with math. The child in school is faced with mathematical problems every day, as are the housewife, the carpenter, the businessman and the space scientist.

Children should learn to do math at the youngest possible age because of the effect it will have on the physical growth of the brain itself and the product of that physical growth – what we call intelligence.

The brain grows by use and the brain is the only container that has this characteristic: the more you put into it the more it will hold.

Math is one of the most useful things you can put into the tiny child’s brain. If you improve on functions of the brain, you improve all functions to some degree.


We start by flashing red dots to teach your child numbers. When the dots reach 20, we introduce addition for two weeks, followed by subtraction, multiplication and division. After that, we'll introduce algebra and finally numerals.

How To Teach Your Baby Math

Children below the age of seven can easily absorb tremendous amount of information.

Children being smart and intelligent, simply by their exposure to the influential factors which determine them long before they start school.

Testimonial #2: Extra Steps at the Right Timing

“Can I raise my child bilingually? I am glad that I have this thought. I contacted and they guided me in using the materials to teach my child when she was below 2 years old for one and a half years. She is now 9 and speaks more than two languages; she can process information very fast; she excels in school; she always has extra time to play after finishing her homework or rest during exam after checking her answers sheets. I didn’t expect that but really thankful for my extra steps at the right timing .”

FAQ #2: How to have children love study naturally?

Have you ever heard someone talk about their child is weak or strong in certain subjects? Contrary to popular belief, what determines intelligence is not simply genetics and in no way parents should wait and see the outcome in schooling age where children already developed certain behavior, habit and patterns in learning. A parent is a child's first comforter, nurturer and most importantly, teacher. Parents do have more control within their grasp over the life-long success of their children if acted early enough.

Encyclopedic Knowledge Program

science for kids, knowledge

Babies can learn anything that you present to them intentionally or accidentally.

Encyclopedic Knowledge Program is presented to your child with interesting topic including science, biology, art, geography and etc. You may tell us if you wish to present a particular topic to your child. With well prepared lessons, our children can learn much more quickly and easily.

Parents will also enjoy the advantage of using this Encyclopedic Knowledge Program. "Learning never ends". We will gain new facts and get to enjoy the world around us more.

We start the Encyclopedic Knowledge Program with "words followed by pictures". After that, we'll introduce ten facts for each picture.

Testimonial #3: Amazing Kid and Miracles

This little kid has been wanting and waiting for the precious interaction time with mommy and daddy. Unfortunately, both parents had no time for him and left him when he was 5 years old. This little kid was born with cataract on both eyes. God bless he has gone though successful operation but still need spectacles to help his vision. Thank God, he is growing stronger and healthier now.

"When I met this kid, he spoke so soft with the head looking down and I hardly could hear him. I brought him for eyes inspection, he couldn't read ABC or 123. He can't say the colors. We spent weeks to teach him by showing him the alphabets, numbers and colors. He could match them but not saying out loud. Even he could say it on the spot he couldn't remember after a few seconds later. Through this process, we noticed that he could relate to English slightly better than Chinese which is suppose to be his mother tongue. There seems some progress and we never give up.

I do not speak perfect English. But I know I can definitely do something to help this kid to unleash the full potential within him. With my limited time, with the help of this children programs which only require less than 5 minutes a day, we see a lot of progress!!! He is now 6 years old and he has been catching up in just a few months!

Teaching young children with this systematic tools is hassle free. Teaching is no longer frustrating but more fun and love. I am seeing amazing result on this little child. From very low self esteem to confident; from not being able to pronounce a single word to using it for meaningful conversation. Thank God, I am grateful for the miracles."

Do you have to be perfect before teaching them? No, they need you now. Just give them your best.