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i.f (Information Fact)

bit of intelligence flashcard

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A Systematic Program to Bring Out the Genius in Your Child

Children below the age of seven can easily absorb tremendous amount of information.

Children being smart and intelligent, simply by their exposure to the influential factors which determine them long before they start school.

Child's attention span is very short. Our programs are designed to capture kid's attention quickly so they can learn effectively.

Every child deserves a good start and to be all they can be. Let's our easy to use programs support you in providing the best learning opportunity for your child from 1 to 6 years old.

Start a good learning system from young. They love learning and continue excel when growing older. No more frustrated and disappointed looks from both parent and child. No more late-night battles over homework. And no more running around getting your child to expensive tutors and learning centres.

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This is my nephew. Both parents had no time to teach or provide him good opportunity to learn. They ended with broken marriage. Both parents left him when he was 5 years old. This little kid was born with cataract on both eyes. God bless he has gone though successful operation but still need spectacles to help his vision. He is growing stronger and healthier now ;)

When this kid first arrived at my home, he spoke so soft with the head looking down and I hardly could hear him. I brought him for eyes inspection, he couldn't read ABC or 123. He can't say the colors. We spent weeks to teach him by showing him the alphabets, numbers and colors. He could match them but not saying out loud. Even he could say it on the spot he couldn't remember after a few seconds. Through this process, we realized that he could relate to English better than Chinese which is suppose to be his mother tongue. There's progress, we never give up.

I am a full time worker. It's quite late when I reach home. I do not speak perfect English. But I know I can definitely do something to help this kid to unleash the full potential within him. With limited time - less than 15 minutes a day, with systematic tools - online flash cards arranged in a special way (sequential to random and old card replaced by new cards slowly) We make it!!! He is now 6 years old and he has been catching up in just a few months! From very low self esteem to confident; from not able to pronounce a single word to using it for conversation. Thank God, grateful for the miracles ;)

Learning with fun and on his own pace. From not able to speak English to having conversion in simple English confidently and happily. Not only English, it can be any other languages.
Do you have to be perfect before teaching them? No, they need you now. Just do your best.


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